faq - the frequently asked questions about "Do"

 What means "Do"? 
 How do I become a member? 
 Does the clan have rules? 
 Can I find the old page somewhere? 
 Since when is the Do-Clan alive? 
 Who founded the Do-Clan? 
 Is the Do-Clan a pure D3-Clan? 
 What means "Do"? top
"Do" came from a stupid rap-song where they sung something like "we're do men with do plan - we're do checkers". The song was really shit but an ear-worm. A friend from Checkor called Checkor "Do Checkor" from then (which means "The Checker"). When a couple of friends started to play D3 online together, Do Checkor decided to found a little team or clan. The question of a name for the clan then brought the old "Do" back. That's All. Rumors of other explanations like "Descent Overlords" (LOL) or "Descent Outlaws" (arrgs) are simply wrong.

 How do I become a member? top
rules for becoming a "Do":
- to be voted unanimously from all existing members of the Do-Clan.
- to be at least an ensign in the ranking system on PXO before getting a "Do".
- to win a LAN-dogfight in the level "Ascent" against an existing member of his choice.
- to pay an "admission fee" of a beer crater of "Beck's" after he won the LAN-dogfight.
- to have the life attitude of a "Do". Everybody who knows us well knows what this means.
   Please don't bore me with questions about this. If you get "Do-ed" you will notice this.
   For Sure.
- The other rule to become a member is to accept the rules FOR the members

 Does the clan have rules? top
- First of all there are the rules for getting a Do (read above).
- A member has to be able to visit the "Do-Center" at least 1-2 times a month (average).
- No cheats are allowed for any "Do". Fails on this will suddenly kick you out.
- No Black Pyros are allowed for a "Do" - but what they do in their freetime (without uniform)
   I don't care.
- A "Do" can only be in one Clan - and this is the "Do-Clan" ofcourse.
   Exception: A Team is not a Clan.
- To kick somebody out of the Clan it is necessary to have a unanimously voting of all other    "Do's".

 Can I find the old page somewhere? top
Yes - to the old page - but please remember that it may contain material out of date, broken links and so on... It also contains javascript and flash material.

 Since when is the Do-Clan alive? top
We are not sure on this one. But it has to be a month in the middle of the year 2000.

 Who founded the Do-Clan? top
It was Do Checkor who took Dildo, SillyBitch, Volly and Cyrus (who left a short time after the foundation) to make the Clan.

 Is the Do-Clan a pure D3-Clan? top
We played D1 and D2 together once here in LAN but the Clan came with D3 on PXO. So let's say we are a Descent-Clan. If there will come out a D4 maybe we will continue in there.

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