Ascent top
At first position we want to provide you our favorite level "Ascent" wich is made by Oasis. Herewith we want to thank Oasis for the very nice work with this level. - 613 kB

Gate top
This is the Windows-Tool with that you can join the PXO-D3-Chat and watch the serverlist at once. Thanks to lOm for this nice popular little proggie. - 400 kB

Da Fonk top
This MP3-Track is a song of BEB. We call it the Do-Hymn because it has much to do with the life-attitude of a Do ;o)

Do_Hymn_dafonk.mp3 - 3.924 kB

DOgshack top
This is the first level ever released from a Do. Checkor made this little Dogfight-Level.
A Descent3 multiplayer levelset with 2 times the same level but different weapons. It is a small and very simple layout which is made for much dogfighting. Less tunnelratting if you understand :-) The rooms are big and seem to be "slow" which I did because I want to fight without always stick at walls and corners. The first one is the REAL one with no 4packs and no Vauss or MassDriver but Superlaser and Fusion. The second one is just the same but WITH a few other weapons (like MD, vauss, smart, frag, 4pack homers). - 182 kB

Do Logos top
Who wants to link to the Do-Page should please use of of thesere banners here.
So if you are using an old one - please upgrade. If you need another size don't shy to ask Checkor - he will quickly make something to fit your request.

Do Logo 121 x 50px (5 kB)

Do Logo 398 x 163px (34 kB)

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